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Judgment Recovery Facts

There are thousands of unsatisfied judgments on the books waiting to be collected. Why can't the judgment winners collect these legally awarded debts? 

The debtor may have…

  • Changed residence to avoid payment 

  • Moved to another state where the judgment isn't valid

  • Attempted to hide assets

  • Transferred assets to another name or corporate entity

  • Changed legal name to avoid payment 


While the courts attempt to see justice served by awarding a money judgment to the winner of a civil case, they do absolutely nothing to enforce payment. Enforcement is left up to the judgment creditor and most people, after a few years, give up hope of ever collecting the money they are owed!

What you don't know can cost you money!

In California, judgments are good for ten years and can be renewed for an additional ten years. During the life of the judgment, it accumulates interest and increases in size.

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