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Wage Garnishments * Bank Levies * Property Liens * Process Servers

Abstract of Judgement

$149 + costs

Wage Garnishment


Bank / Third Party Levy


Although small claims court may award you a monetary judgment,

it will not collect your judgment for you. 

Every week hundreds of courts award thousands of judgments in civil cases throughout California. Some are small claim judgments for a few hundred dollars. Others are civil judgments amounting to hundreds and even thousands of dollars.

Eighty percent of all judgments are never recovered primarily because the winner of the civil case is unfamiliar with the process of enforcing the judgment.
Judgment recovery facts...

If your debtor is not immediately complying with court ordered payment, you may choose to exercise your rights and enforce the judgment.  Customers use Same Day Legal to begin the documents needed to recover your judgment amount, out-of-pocket collection costs and accrued interest!

Information provided to our customers is attorney authored or attorney approved so you can feel confident representing yourself.

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